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Stories From Our Members

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At EO, we believe in the transformative power of experiences. 

Our members’ stories showcase the profound impact of EO membership. Some achieve remarkable business shifts, while others embark on a personal journey of growth and self-discovery. 

What truly matters is that EO’s influence is tangible, powerful, and life-changing.

Jordi Calduch has been a member of EO for 10 years and tells us about the value that EO brings him.

Christopher Pommerening has been a member of EO for 22 years, and speaks about his experience within the organisation

David Jordan joined EO in 2023 and through EO he realized that many entrepreneurs share his challenges, and he has found a community where he can share these.

Shant Kevonian talks about how EO has helped him through difficult moments and how other entrepreneurs have inspired him to find solutions.

What Members Say About EO