¿Eres emprended@r?

¿Tienes una empresa con una facturación anual de entre 
250 mil y 1 millón de Euros?
¿Quieres catapultar tu empresa al siguiente nivel?

Rellena el fomulario y échale un vistazo a nuestro EO Accelerator Program.

Rellena el formulario y apúntate al próximo 
Test Drive de Entrepreneurs' Organization 
el 10 de diciembre de 19:30 a 21:30 CET !

Formulario de alta

About the EO Accelerator Program
EO Accelerator Program is a catalyst for early stage entrepreneurs. This unique program is self-powered by the community of entrepreneurs and includes learning days where both Gazelle trainers and speakers are facilitating further learning on steroids. This unique program supports you to catapult your business to the next level.

The program offers the Gazelle scaling up curriculum, monthly peer group meetings, coaching and mentoring and all kind of learning opportunities. The program is embedded in an open, trusted and vibrant community of people with a growth mindset and fully embracing the entrepreneurial journey.

The purpose of EO is to help entrepreneurs achieve their full potential. We share the core values:

Thirst for learning, Trust&Respect, Boldly Go, Cool and Make a Mark, Leave a Legacy!

Together we are all are part of this world spanning community of > 14.000 entrepreneurs and >1500 accelerators.

Get a taste in a 2-hour test drive of the program
A testdrive is a 2-hour workshop – no strings attached.

In the first part you’ll get an overview of the program and first hand experiences of accelerators now participating in the program. In the second part of the testdrive you’ll be part of an mini-peer-group session. All attendees will participate in this in the break-out rooms. In this way you’ll get a good impression of the power of the experience sharing in peer groups and whether there is a fit or not.

If you fit the Accelerator profile, please be welcome to register for the test drive. There are no further obligations to proceed or costs involved. All information shared in the registration and during the session will obviously being handled confidentially.

Signup up here to participate in the testdrive 10 december on zoom – 19:30 – 21:30
After signing up for a test drive you’ll be contacted soon.

Attention: the testdrive is for entrepreneurs only and all attendees should comply with the Accelerator Profile. Participating in a testdrive is by no means admission into the program or ensure hereto. All applicants are subject to approval by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.