EO Barcelona

We are hiring a Chapter Manager

Chapter Manager Mission

The EO Barcelona Chapter Manager will champion the enrichment and growth of the entrepreneur community by delivering exceptional value to our members. They will strive to maintain the chapter’s reputation for excellence by cultivating a dynamic, engaging, and supportive environment. This role requires a proactive, innovative individual who will uphold the organization’s standards, drive strategic initiatives, and foster meaningful connections within and beyond the chapter.

The Chapter Manager will:

  1. Enhance member engagement through the thorough organization of high-caliber events and learning opportunities that resonate with the diverse needs of our entrepreneurial members.
  2. Facilitate membership growth by implementing targeted recruitment strategies and sustaining a retention rate that mirrors the chapter’s dedication to member satisfaction and value.
  3. Manage the chapter’s operations with financial cleverness, ensuring fiscal responsibility and transparency in all activities.
  4. Serve as a liaison between EO Barcelona members, the global EO community, and external partners, strengthening our network and expanding our influence.
  5. Support and collaborate with the chapter board to establish and realize strategic goals, propelling EO Barcelona to new heights of success and recognition.


  • By the year-end, we have successfully hosted 10 learning events, 4 test-drives, 4 forum trainings, and one moderator training, evidenced by a 90% or higher satisfaction rate in post-event surveys for each.
  • Throughout the year, the event calendar and website are consistently up-to-date, with any new events or updates reflected within 24 hours of their confirmation, ensuring 100% accuracy at all times.
  • Each board meeting is followed by the distribution of meeting notes and action items to all board members within 24 hours, achieving 100% compliance across all meetings by year-end.
  • Work agreements with all board members are established and documented within the first month of the year, with 100% of these agreements being actively adhered to, assessed through quarterly compliance reviews.
  • A communication calendar is developed and implemented by the end of the first month and maintained throughout the year, ensuring all planned communications are executed on time, with a 100% adherence rate. Monthly newsletters are sent to the all members.
  • All accounting activities, including bookings and payments, are conducted weekly, with invoices issued and payments checked within the same week of transaction. Monthly updates to the finance chair reflect a 100% up-to-date budget status throughout the year.
  • Three new initiatives, derived from member feedback, are implemented by year-end, with a follow-up evaluation in the first quarter of the following year indicating at least an 80% member satisfaction or improvement in chapter operations.
  • By the end of each quarter, the data and photo archive and CRM are confirmed to be fully up-to-date and accurately maintained, with a 100% findability rate for all relevant information as assessed in quarterly audits.
  • 100% of prospects during the recruitment process receive the correct information within 48 hours of their initial inquiry, have their information accurately processed within 24 hours of submission, and report feeling highly welcomed, as measured by a post-process satisfaction survey indicating a minimum of 90% satisfaction regarding their treatment and the recruitment experience.


Leadership and Team Management. Ability to inspire, lead, and manage a team effectively, fostering an environment of collaboration and motivation.

Strategic Planning and Execution. Skills in developing strategic plans that align with the organization’s goals and efficiently executing these plans to achieve desired outcomes.

Event Planning and Management. Competence in organizing and managing events of various scales, ensuring they meet quality standards and member expectations.

Financial Acumen. Understanding of budget management, financial planning, and reporting to ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency.

Communication Skills. Exceptional verbal and written communication skills, crucial for internal coordination with the board and members, as well as external communication with partners and the public.

Member Engagement and Retention. Ability to engage with members effectively, understand their needs, and implement strategies to increase member satisfaction and retention.

Problem-Solving and Adaptability. Capacity to tackle challenges creatively and adapt to changing situations or unexpected obstacles.

Networking and Relationship Building. Skill in establishing and maintaining strong relationships with members, partners, and other stakeholders.

Project Management. Proficiency in managing multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring timely completion and quality standards.

Analytical and Decision-Making Skills. Ability to analyze data, draw insights, and make informed decisions that benefit the chapter and its members.

Technology Savvy. Competence with relevant technology and digital tools for efficient chapter management, including CRM systems, financial software, and communication platforms.

Cultural Sensitivity and Inclusivity. Awareness and appreciation of diverse perspectives and backgrounds, ensuring an inclusive environment for all members.

Your Profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree; Business, Events, Marketing/Comms., or Hotel Management preferred
  • Excellent English and Spanish skills
  • Driver’s license and car
  • Able to understand but also stand your ground against ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Team player who likes to work in international environment
  • Autonomous and independent way of working
  • Reliable; can handle confidential information with care
  • You identify with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization core values

What we offer:

  • A full-time position; 40 hours. As you will also be organizing events, working hours will be flexible.
  • A competitive salary
  • You will work from home. The position is open also remotely and outside of Spain. Should the successful candidate be based outside of Spain, we will seek an additional team member specifically to assist with the event planning aspect, ensuring local logistics and operations are effectively managed.
  • The most influential worldwide network of entrepreneurs that stimulates leadership and personal development
  • The opportunity to work closely together with entrepreneurs and to get an insight into their companies
  • A competitive salary; based on experience
  • Informal, entrepreneurial and flexible atmosphere
  • Diversity; no day is the same and there is never a dull moment

About EO

Entrepreneurs Organization 

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of 18,000+ influential business owners with 220 chapters in 61 countries. Founded in 1987, EO is the catalyst that enables leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading to greater success in business and beyond. 

Chapter Barcelona 

EO Chapter Barcelona is a dynamic hub within the global EO network, boasting 81 members from over 20 nationalities. Conducting forums in English and Spanish, the chapter embraces Barcelona’s multicultural essence, promoting learning and mutual support among diverse business leaders. It offers a platform for sharing, growth, and development, enriching both personal and professional lives of its members through varied events and sessions.

Chapter mission 

The theme of the Barcelona chapter EO Year 23/24 is defined as Continued Growth with Quality and Improving the member experiences. This means we have the ambition to grow the chapter with 25 new members by June 30th, 2024. Increase the renewal rate to 95% and end with a total of at least 80 members in June 2024. We strive our members to get the most out of their membership. Beside the forum experience this means attendance of learnings and social events and participation in MyEO events and activities. The experience should preferably lead to growth. The members should judge the quality of the coming EO year with an eight or higher. We love the diversity of our chapter and would like to grow the percentage of female members and have a healthy mix of local Catalan and international members. 

How to apply:

To apply for the position you should your CV and Cover Letter to ernest@wibaut.nl and consult@withalessio.com