EO Barcelona

From startup to scale up: EO Barcelona joins forces with IESE’s School of Founders

EO Barcelona has formed a partnership with IESE’s School of Founders to offer our members a transformational educational experience through Foundations of Scaling. This premier education program is designed for leaders of enterprises that are transitioning from startup to scale up. Its second edition begins in Barcelona this month, and EO Barcelona members are eligible for a special €2,000 discount from the program fee of €18,500.

Foundations of Scaling supports founder-CEOs with crucial knowledge, best practices and a powerful network of peers and mentors on their journey to create purpose-driven ventures. Over the course of nine months, program participants will attend six residential sprints of 2.5 to 3.5 days and four half-day online sessions. The first residential sprint is slated for Sep. 6 to 9 at IESE, to be followed by an online sprint on Sep. 27. Six to eight participants will be organized into peer council groups where founder-CEOs can learn from each other in an atmosphere of deep trust and confidentiality. Certified coaches with substantial business experience will facilitate peer council sessions, which are intended to challenge mindsets and stimulate introspection. This program promises lifelong friendships among like-minded peers. Ana Carolina Bittencourt and Esther Martinez have joined the program.  We can’t wait to hear about her experiences!